Matthew Ravey

Matthew Ravey



Matthew Ravey is a screenwriter living in Los Angeles. Matthew grew up in Groves, Texas, a town bedecked with pecan trees, chemical plants, an uncomfortable relationship with a wildly racist school district mascot, its very own haunted country road, and the best damn snow cones you’ve ever had. 

Ignoring his instincts to leave home for college, Matthew stayed in his hometown in hopes that his straight best friend would, in time, see the light. He did not! So Matthew hit the road and got his first job working at Six Flags in entertainment, performing for psychopath groupies who came to see every show, five times a day, for a summer (or was it two?). It’s all a little hazy.

Matthew saved some money and bought a plane ticket to New York where he was lucky enough (and cliche enough) to have a friend who let him sleep on her futon until he could afford to get his own place. Matthew spent 11 years in New York, working as an event producer. He made a lot of friends, humiliated himself a couple of times, became a person, met his husband, and, in 2018, moved to Los Angeles and rescued a very sleepy dog named Copper. 

When tired or stressed, his right eye droops. See photo. ->

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